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Deep Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a one-time cleaning appointment or a seasonal freshen-up for your home, our Deep Cleaning service package covers it all! A great option for when you need an occasional clean sweep that tackles every nook and cranny!

Our Deep Cleaning Service package includes all tasks of our Standard Cleaning Service package, plus the following:

  • Wipe down baseboards

  • Clean exterior of kitchen cabinets, cabinet faces and drawer fronts

  • Wipe down windowsills

  • Wipe down door frames and door facings

  • Vacuum living area furniture (sofa, chairs, etc.)

  • Interior windows

Have an additional area or task that you don’t see here? Are some of the above tasks not needed for your home? Let us know what you need, and we will work with you to create the perfect custom cleaning service.


*This option is highly recommended for all new weekly or bi-weekly clients for the initial cleaning appointment.

 Cosy Kitchen
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